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Our Vision

Clyde Blowers Capital’s vision is to be a leading international mid-market private equity investor through the prioritisation and preservation of excess returns. 

Target End Markets

We invest in the following sectors

Consumer Industrial

Financial Services


Power Conversion & Storage

Oil & Gas


Mining Minerals Processing

Food & Beverage



The Clyde Blowers Capital Way

Market Facing

Understand market dynamics and customer needs

From what we sell today to what the market demands

Think Big

Raise ambition levels

Build a compelling vision

Communication key through roadmaps and story boards

'Can Do' Attitude

Entrepreneurial leadership

Bidding to win

Fast decision making

Global Outlook

Thinking beyond the current footprint

Building strong local businesses

Trust, Empowerment & Accountability

Encouraging employees to champion their own initiatives

Nurturing new ideas

Confidence in working independently


Flat structure

Working in teams

Facilitating communication

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Clyde Blowers Capital is headquartered in East Kilbride, Glasgow.

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