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Clyde Blowers Capital is an independent investment firm based in Glasgow, Scotland and is owned by its management team. We have led buyout investments since 1999, focusing on Western headquartered businesses with defined characteristics.

Our Heritage

The Clyde Blowers story is a remarkable tale of entrepreneurial transformation. The story begins in 1992 (although it does have a preface that goes back further) with the purchase of just under one-third of a small company in the Glasgow area. Not only was the company the smallest in its market segment, it had aged equipment and was performing poorly.

Slightly more than a decade later this company had been transformed into a portfolio of companies, several of which were in the top three in the world in their specific markets. More significantly, out of the successful transformation, a track record was created which laid the foundation that would allow Clyde Blowers to branch out into new directions.

Over a period of 16 years, from 1992 to 2008, Clyde Blowers grew from 1 company based in Clydebank, Scotland, with 100 employees and £5m in revenue to managing more than 100 companies spanning 6 continents, over 5,000 employees and annual revenues in excess of £1bn.

Operational Investor

The team has enjoyed a long history of actively managing global businesses from operational positions since 1992 when Jim McColl led a management buy in of Clyde Blowers plc.

The team’s first buyout investment was made when Clyde Blowers plc was subsequently taken private in 1999; a joint investment with 3i. Since then, the team has continued the strategy of investing through buyouts and controlling positions, investing over £700m since 1999.

The current team have over 60 years of experience investing in and operating businesses through many economic and market cycles. This experience includes public to private transactions, corporate carve outs, several public listings, non-cash mergers, de mergers and spin outs and co investment transactions with private equity investors.

Our Values


Act with Integrity upholding the highest standards in everything we do, our reputation as a firm and as individuals is paramount.


Treat people with dignity and respect, value each other, encourage personal development and reward effective performance.


Collective and individual accountability, treating our investors capital as if it were our own and taking personal responsibility for delivering on commitments.


Collective and individual tenacity to drive the firm and investee companies forward in achieving our shared objectives.


Maintain our resilience by focussing on our physical and mental health as well as learning from past mistakes.

Social Responsibility

Clyde Blowers have a long history of using the skills and resources we have as a firm and individuals to support the communities where we live and work.

The Clyde Blowers Capital Way

Market Facing

Understand market dynamics and customer needs

From what we sell today to what the market demands

Think Big

Raise ambition levels

Build a compelling vision

Communication key through roadmaps and story boards

'Can Do' Attitude

Entrepreneurial leadership

Bidding to win

Fast decision making

Global Outlook

Thinking beyond the current footprint

Building strong local businesses

Trust, Empowerment & Accountability

Encouraging employees to champion their own initiatives

Nurturing new ideas

Confidence in working independently


Flat structure

Working in teams

Facilitating communication

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