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Clyde Blowers Capital’s vision is to be a leading international mid-market private equity investor through the prioritisation and preservation of excess returns. 

Our Acquisition Criteria

Before making an acquisition, we have a specific criteria we look for in prospective businesses:

Talented & Ambitious Management Teams

We are focussed on working with talented management teams which have the drive and ambition to deliver market leading returns. 

Western Headquartered Businesses 

We look to take majority stakes in platform businesses headquartered in Western Europe or North America.

International Development Potential

We aim to expand the global footprint of platform businesses into higher growth markets in South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Differentiated Product / Service Offering

We invest in businesses which can demonstrate a competitive advantage over other market participants whether through IP, know how, brand strength or unique business model.

Recurring Revenue Stream

When reviewing investments, we look for businesses that can demonstrate an underlying recurring revenue stream from aftermarket, service, spare parts or the consumable nature and brand strength of their product/service offering.

Our Approach to Value Creation

We create equity value for our investors by working with companies and management teams where our innovative approach and operational experience can add significant value.

We focus on adding value through 3 main operational pillars:

Customer Intimacy

Consistent focus on growing and retaining the customer base by being as close to each relationship as possible.

Operational Excellence

Continuous focus on operational improvement through targeted initiatives and monitoring of key performance indicators.

Product / Technology Leadership

Continually investing in research and development ensuring investee companies stay ahead of the competition.

We have successfully developed our own proprietary operational tool kit which can be deployed and implemented in businesses across all our focussed end markets. 

Our End Markets

Financial Services


Power Conversion & Storage

Oil & Gas

Food & Beverage



Consumer Industrial


Mining Minerals Processing

Our Investment Themes

The below mega trends are driving change in our core markets and how we approach value creation. 

Digital Transformation

Cloud Computing

Big Data

Artificial Intelligence

Sensor Technology

Cyber Security

The Energy Transition

Global Climate Change Agenda

Decarbonisation of Supply Sources

Renewable Energy

Hydrogen Economy

Power Conversion & Storage

Robotics & Automation

Industrial Robots & Automation

Collaborative Robots

Machine Learning

3D Printing

Industry 4.0

Health & Wellbeing

Post COVID-19 work implications

Health Conscious Consumerism

Physical & Mental well-being of employees

Work Life Balance

Training & Investment in Employees (CBC Academy’s)

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